Every session includes:

  • 3 hours minimum hands-on in your home

  • Time spent off-site designing layouts & customized organizing solutions for your space as needed

  • Product recommendations

  • Personal shopping for project supplies

  • A haul away trip of any items to donate, recycle or toss

  • Communication and support via phone, text or email throughout the project




Services can be booked by session or by package:

Single session. A deposit of 50% is required to book a single session and the remaining balance is due upon completion of the session.

  • 1 Single Session (3 hours total) - $210

Packages offer a discount. Payment in full in advance is required to book a package.

  • 12 Hour Package 5% discount - $798 (a savings of $42)

  • 24 Hour Package 7% discount - $1562 (a savings of $118)

  • 36 Hour Package 10% discount - $2268 (a savings of $252)

Cash, check and credit cards accepted.



The Process

Step 1: Phone conversation

Step 2: Complimentary in-person consultation - for clients within a 60 minute round trip.

Step 3: Pay deposit for single session or pay in full for discount package

Step 4: Schedule services dates

Step 5: Research and planning done as needed for the project

Step 6: The work begins

Step 7: Maintenance for clients who want the occasional refresher session (optional, but recommended)




Is your work confidential?

  • There’s complete client confidentiality. My vehicle doesn’t have any business advertising on it, so your neighbors don’t even have to know you’ve hired a professional organizer. Your privacy is very important to me and I’ll never share your name or details of your home with anyone. Before and after photos will only be used with your written permission.

How long will it take?

  • It can vary. The amount of work needing to be done as well as your speed in making decisions are two factors that’ll determine the time it takes to complete the project. But during the in-home consultation I can give you a better estimate of how long it could possibly take.

Do I have to get rid of things?

  • I’ll never force or try to convince you to get rid of anything and won’t judge your choices. I’m here to help meet the goals you have for your space and organize your items in a way that’ll make your home function better for you.

Are you going to make me buy storage bins or containers for organizing?

  • No. We can certainly use what you already own. However, if you do decide you’d like new baskets, bins, containers, etc. I can shop for or with you, if you like.

Are there going to be several other hidden fees?

  • No. My all-inclusive services include the extras that many other professional organizers charge additional fees for such as a consultation, donation and trash haul-away, shopping for supplies, returns of any unused supplies, project planning/research/design, etc. However, there is a fee for drive time that exceeds 60 minutes round trip. We are located in Wake Forest, NC and regularly serve clients throughout the Raleigh metro area.

What if there are sessions left over from a package and is there an expiration date?

  • If there are remaining sessions after a project is completed, they can be put toward another project or used for routine maintenance for up to 1 year. Package sessions expire 6 months after purchase date.

Do I have to work alongside you?

  • When it comes to decision making about what you want to keep, give away, or toss, yes, you have to make those decisions. But I can work without you having to be involved. However, you can chose to be involved in all or part of the project as well.

What kind of holiday assistance do you offer?

  • I can decorate, wrap gifts, run errands, prepare your home for guests, or take down/put away decorations.